Chasing “Inbox Zero” 5 tips for dealing with your inbox

What is Inbox Zero?

Inbox Zero is an approach to managing your email where you keep the number of messages in your inbox equal to zero or as close to it as possible.

Why is it important?

It’s important because in today’s email dependant world, the inbox can be a pit filled quicksand, bogging you down and getting you stuck. Resulting in you loosing time, that should have been spent doing something more productive. Our good old human brains love to procrastinate or try to do a hundred things at once. Even if you have read and dealt with all your messages, you could still have thousands or more messages sitting in your box tempting your brain to run off on half a dozen tangents at moments notice. If your inbox is empty, then you can more easily maintain your focus and keep the precision you need to be as productive about your day. Continue reading