iOS 8 Will dramatically increase your productivity

iOS 8 will increase your productivity dramatically with the latest announced development by agile bits for their 1Password application. If you are unfamiliar with 1Password, it’s a password management utility that will ensure you will never forget a password again, while allowing you to easily and securely assess very strong passwords.

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Dash Dot Publishing

We have just completed helping another client get their book published online, Gabby a Mythical Journey has just gone live over and Smashwords and is waiting for you to read it.

“This is the story of Gabriella O’Toole, a young gypsy girl from the West of Ireland, who discovers the truth about her birth and her magical abilities as she reaches her sixteenth birthday.”

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WordPress 3.8 Parker

WordPress, is currently almost everywhere you look, approximately 20% of the internet and 48% of the top 100 blogs on the Internet as ranked by Technorati (April 2012) are built on WordPress.

The powerful and robust CMS has just another major update version 3.8 “Parker” from the jazz musician Charlie Parker, and this update is just as jazzy. So what’s new in 3.8? Continue reading

E-Mail Scam Watch – November 2013

Normally my email spam filter or the internal one in my head ( through many years of training ) makes sure I never see or read any spam or scam emails. But one made it through yesterday that caught my eye.

The sender claimed to be “” and the title was “Tax Refund“. Given the time of the year and the deadline for filing your tax returns was last week. So if the revenue did make a mistake and wanted to refund money to you, it would make sense to happen now right? Continue reading

Dash Dot Publishing

No don’t worry we haven’t gotten out of the Web Design business, we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest site. Paul Gannon Heritage, It’s the new site of local author Paul Gannon to share the heritage and history of Connemara and the GAA, but not just through the written word, the site contains a growing library of Audio and images relating the topics of his books which are also available on your Kindle device (formatted and compiled by Dash Dot Development).

coversmall The Way It Was Coversm coversm

This was a very interesting and exciting project to work on so please check it out if your interested in out past or have a story of your own you want to share with the world and be remembered.

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