At Dash Dot Development we offer a wide range of services, if what you are looking for is listed below, please feel free to contact us.

Web Design
Do you need a website that looks great? That will convince a potiential customer to convert into a paying customer? Then you need a professionally designed website, tailored to your needs.
Web Development
Isn’t Web Design and Web Development the same thing?! No, it’s actually quite different, Design is planning what the site will look like, Development is actually taking this vision into reality, making sure the site works, loads quickly and is secure as well as looking good while doing it.
We provide full hosting packages to give your websites somewhere to live.
Software Development
Have you the idea for the next “killer app” and just need someone to develop it? Or do you have an existing piece of software that need to be inproved? or have you a very specific need that something off the shelf cannot satisfy? Well Dash Dot Development can help make all these dreams come true.
Software Consulting
Thinking of upgrading your office software? Do you need to know which package is the best fit for you? ask us and we will help find the best one for you.
Office Efficiency
Do you ever feel your could be doing your work better/faster/more efficiently? You probably can, there are many way to increase efficiently, either through training in the more advanced functions of your existing software or maybe changing to another system more suited to your needs. Give us a call and see if Dash Dot Development can get your business running smoother.