iOS 8 Will dramatically increase your productivity

iOS 8 will increase your productivity dramatically with the latest announced development by agile bits for their 1Password application. If you are unfamiliar with 1Password, it’s a password management utility that will ensure you will never forget a password again, while allowing you to easily and securely assess very strong passwords.

If your not using using 1Password or something similar, you may be wasting a surprising large amount of time juggling all your passwords, or worse are using the same “easier” password for multiple accounts. Which is very insecure. If you need some help figuring this out, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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With the announcement of App Extensions coming to iOS 8, it has given developers a lot of new abilities. Now 1Password will more easily ingrate into your device making it easy to unlock your vault with Touch ID. I for one can’t wait to for this. The only issue I’ve ever had with 1password on iOS is that was just a little fiddly getting your password and copy pasting it where it needed to go unless you are using the one browser. That will be a thing of past, It will greatly increase my productivity, because there are a few services that I have been discouraged from using on my devices just because of the slight inconveniences, waiting until I get back to a computer to get the work done.

I cant wait to see what other innovations come from this, that will allow us all to get to the important things faster and be even more productive.

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