Email Scam Watch – Apple – February 2014

This little gem somehow managed to sneak past my spam filter, not sure how because when I checked the filter it had several more just like it sitting there. This one claims to be from Apple telling you that your account has been compromised and if you don’t log in at the link below you account will be disabled.

Again all the usual signs point to this being a scam, Apple or any company that wants your money isn’t going to just disable your account for no good reason, you can’t give them any more money like that. This one has several instances of bad grammar and punctuation.

Now they have a link to click on, and this one is masked to make it look like a real Apple link but of course when you mouse over it you can see it does not link to an official Apple site. This can be more difficult to see on a phone or mobile device, so my advice is never click a link you are not sure of,  doubly so on a mobile device.

But my favourite part of this one is that, what is supposed to be a copyright symbol © is appearing incorrectly, that’s a blaring red flag if nothing else.

2014-02-08 09.50.40

As always if you receive unsolicited email you are unsure of never click on the link, and if you are concerned about the account its claiming is compromised go directly to the official website (not via their link) and log in that way.

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