Dropbox adding new features to Dropbox Pro

Dropbox have just announced new features being added to their “Dropbox Pro” services.

Dropbox Pro costs €9.99 a month or €99 for a year. Existing Pro users will be upgraded to this new service in a few days.

What these new features you ask?

New Sharing Controls

Collaborating on projects is now ever easier.

  • Passwords for shared links create an additional layer of security so only people with the password can access your link.
  • Expirations for shared links safeguard your sensitive files by letting you set how long your links stay up.
  • View-only permissions for shared folders let you pick whether recipients can edit or just view files within your shared folder.

The expiration for shared links is what really catches my eye here.  I often have to share files or folders with people. So I ended up with random folders I have shared or have random folders I don’t need access to littering my feed. Now this built in expiration will make this a thing of the past. Keeping files access where it needs to be, and maintaining a clean feed.

Remote wipe lets you delete your Dropbox files from a lost or stolen device while keeping them safely backed up in Dropbox. This a great security feature, hopefully I will never have to use it. But it does give peace of mind having access to my Dropbox on a mobile device.

Storage Increase Dropbox Pro now comes with 1 Terabyte (1000GB) of storage.

These new features are pretty amazing, I am very pleased with their addition and will no doubt be making great use of new sharing features and increased storage, hopefully I will never need to use the remote wipe.

So if you like the sound of this and are not already a Pro user, you can sign up here.

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