WordPress 3.8 Parker

WordPress, is currently almost everywhere you look, approximately 20% of the internet and 48% of the top 100 blogs on the Internet as ranked by Technorati (April 2012) are built on WordPress.

The powerful and robust CMS has just another major update version 3.8 “Parker” from the jazz musician Charlie Parker, and this update is just as jazzy. So what’s new in 3.8?

The entire admin section has a new layout, I’m staring at as I write this post, the admin grey is now gone as are the gradients, replaced by bold sharp colours, everything it now well defined and pops out so nothing is lost. It took everything that was great about the layout and has refined it.

It’s also now fully responsive to whatever device you happen to be on, phone, tablet or desktop. You can do all your administration much easier on the go. I would never use the WordPress admin on a phone or tablet before because it was just too much hassle. 3.8 has definitely improved that experience, how much am I going to use it on a device? probably not too much but at least now I know it will a smooth experience.

Theme management is also more refined, not in functionality. It doesn’t do anything new or fancy but it’s much smoother to add, remove or manage widgets etc, and infinitely easier to use on a tablet.

Of course with 2014 around the corner it’s time for a new theme, now I loved twentythirteen as a theme, hard to beleive it’s been a year. Twentyfourteen is a photoblog/magazine style theme. emphasising images and displaying them loud and proud.

3.8 is a visually striking update and delivers a much smoother experience along with a new theme. If you haven’t already your should make sure your WordPress installations are update or if you need some help doing that don’t hesitate to contact us.

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