E-Mail Scam Watch – Revenue.ie November 2013

Normally my email spam filter or the internal one in my head ( through many years of training ) makes sure I never see or read any spam or scam emails. But one made it through yesterday that caught my eye.

The sender claimed to be “revenue.ie” and the title was “Tax Refund“. Given the time of the year and the deadline for filing your tax returns was last week. So if the revenue did make a mistake and wanted to refund money to you, it would make sense to happen now right?

Sadly that promised €244 is not real and not for me, its not for you either. While the email appears  to be from revenue.ie, if you check in your email client you will see it comes from revenue.com and that “Get Started” link does not link to an official revenue site so please don’t click.

2013-11-19 09.47.41
If you receive an email like this ignore it, The revenue will never contact you directly via email in this fashion. You can read their official statement here if you wish. If you are in doubt ask your IT person or call your accountant.


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